Surrounded by Flowers: Images of Colorful Blooms

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With the approach of Washington’s famous cloudy/rainy skies (that I have begun referring to as “The Grey Period”), I have been trying to get every bit of sun possible.

It just so happened that a few days ago I found myself at a flower garden. There were all kinds of flowers and it was a clear, sunny day. Everything was bright and it was nice to be surrounded by all the vibrant colors.

Here are some of the photos I took using my phone ( I have edited some):

IMG_9679_polarrIMG_9674I did not edit the one above. I enjoyed these flowers a lot ( I believe they are Dahlias). The featured photo from my introduction blog was from this “photo shoot” as well as the featured photo for this post. IMG_9672_polarrIMG_9671_polarrThese flowers stuck out to me, because the petals seemed to be grasping for the sun’s light.

IMG_9669_polarrIMG_9659_polarrIMG_9654The one above was also not edited.↑ You can see these flowers are more red and not as orange as my editing as made them appear below. ↓IMG_9653_polarrIMG_9652_polarrIMG_9668_polarr


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